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Meldon Law is a regional law firm with offices in Gainesville, Florida and Okara. We are personal wounded, litigators, and trial lawyers, working for over 40 years in North Florida and throughout Florida to be brought to justice for the victims of the accident. Accidents such as car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycles, ATVs, bicycles, pedestrian accidents, dog bites, slips and crime defense are all part of our practice.

Established in 1971


The Meldon Law has offices in Gainesville, Okara and Fort Lauderdale and has worked since 1971 to get victims of justice they deserve across Florida. We represent people who are injured in various situations. Please feel free to ask how you can help to regain your peace of mind, including car, truck, taxi, Uber, lift, bus, bicycle, motorcycle, or pedestrian accident, brain damage, slip, fall, fall, fall, dog bite, burn injury, unfair death, worker compensation, etc., and start on the right path toward justice and recovery. Our experienced legal counsel represents the people who have been charged with DUI/DWI (except for Gainesville and Alacha County, Florida). Call me right now.

Jeffrey Meldon has been a Florida citizen since 1971. He was the first to be tried by a jury at Gainesville, and I went in and out of the court since then.   Lawyer Jeffrey enjoys helping people to live together after serious accidents and arrests.   He tries to sue himself in court, as well as being a specialist in immigration.  

Jeffrey has the determination and experience to face a large and powerful insurance company to use those injured by his own negligence. The  Jeffrey always tries hard to get all the customers the right they need.

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The Meldon lawyers and staff told me everything because someone had issued a red light after my car accident.  I remember the time of the accident, and I was able to reduce my stress as much as possible, and I was able to send someone to clean up my luggage from my car.  A few months after the accident, they are as careful as the day they happened!  How wonderful it was to get the whole team's help in this whole process, and how easy they made it, so that I would not have any clues, I would not be able to say enough.

12/29/2020 08:07am