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Our lawyer succeeded in getting millions of dollars in settlement and verdict for our customers. In fact, one of the lawyers fought for a million-dollar settlement to ensure that they joined the most exclusive legal forum.

Established in 1998


Our lawyers have been fighting for decades over the rights of victims whether they were injured in accidents, involved in business conflicts, or victims of unfair employment practices.

Michael O. Massey is Massey & Partner with. Duffy, PLLC, from October 2003. He is dedicated to civil suits, including unlawful death, overtime, car and truck accidents, insurance claims, contractual violations, general employment law and serious injury lawsuits. Massey, a resident of Gainesville, Florida, is proud to contribute to the community he loves as a graduate of Florida University.

Michael M.
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I served Michael Massy as a lawyer. It's because a drunken driver hit my car in front of a two-lane highway.  My car broke and was injured. Mr. Massey made personal contact with me and my family. Besides, he dealt with my case perfectly. He was able to pay the full amount of hospitals, doctors and ambulances, reimburse the aggregated car, pay additional money for the new car, and negotiate a settlement of $140,000 without going to court. If legal issues are possible, Michael Massey is highly recommended.

01/01/2021 02:58pm