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Dan Glasman started working in the law firm when he was a school, and then stayed in Gainesville. Dan Glasman has been dealing with car accidents, personal injuries, unlawful deaths and injuries over the past 20 years. By the time Nick Jissimopoulos began to practice law with Dan Glasman, Nick had been in Gainsville for eight years and had a degree in the faculty and law school. For many years, Nick and Dan have been working closely on civil and criminal defense cases. In this period, it became clear that two men had common ideas. ... ... Every client should have his client first

Established in 2014


Auto Accident - Personal Injury - Unlawful Death - Crime Defense

Dan' since 1995 has been passionate and privileged to give representation to thousands of directly damaged customers as a result of other people's misconduct. They understand the physical, economic and mental hardships caused by other people's injustice and negligence. He provides a variety of ways to communicate with customers and is able to answer any question 24 hours a day. Nick is currently at Florida University;#39; I am coaching a trial team with an award history. He lectured on topics such as criminal trial skills, civil trial skills, the use of expert witnesses, lawyers' defense and legal ethics.

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My experience with Mr. Glasman was nothing more than a surprise.  It was my first meeting with a lawyer, and I didn't know what to expect, but soon my doubts were cleared.  He is very careful and helps at every stage of the process.  In addition to his customer service, we were happy to accept his results.  We strongly recommend Mr. Glasman for legal requests.

01/03/2021 04:43am